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How to Avoid a Voice Mail System Crash

In today’s world of smartphones and social media, people stay connected almost 24/7, you might receive a phone call from a current customer or prospect at any time. And, even if your business is shut down for the day or weekend, it is critical that your voice mail is available to receive a call. Your business depends on the ability to return the call with the answers your customer or prospect needs to make a purchasing decision or receive technical support with a problem.

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Keeping Your Business Safe from a CyberAttack

It seems as if we hear about big companies getting hit with massive security breaches almost daily. Target, Neiman Marcus, and JP Morgan have all been hit to name only a few of many. These are all big companies with large IT departments. Many small business owners think cybercriminals halfway around the world are only targeting these large companies.

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Social Media for Your Business is Worth Your Time and Money in San Diego, CA

Are you always looking for the best way to utilize your small business’ resources? Do you want to convert potential clients into lifelong customers? Perhaps the most affordable and effective form of marketing is using social media strategically to convert people into customers. If you get to know your existing customer, take the time to understand your benefit to the market, and utilize the right social media platforms, social media is absolutely worth your time. It is easy to get discouraged when it comes to social media but don’t miss out on this valuable resource.

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GST Now Carries the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center Certification

Ground Service Technology is proud to be a certified-reseller of ShoreTel Communication Solutions. We have now added to our list of certifications and now are authorized to sell the ShoreTel Enterprise Contact Center. With so many businesses depending on call centers to handle their customer service, sales, and even technology teams, a reliable system is tantamount to the proper functioning of a business.

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Perception Gaps Can Limit Your Business Success in San Diego, CA

It seems like there is always new information to be found when it comes to bettering yourself in business. An important concept to remain aware of is the perception gap which occurs when you have the intention of communicating a certain type of information but it is misunderstand by your audience.

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Good Employees are Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset

Do you need to hire new employees for your business? Whether you have an organization with thousands or just a few team members, you are spending time and company resources throughout the entire hiring and training process. Large companies have entire departments dedicated to employee hiring and maintaining their position in the organization.

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Better Communication Skills are Essential to Your Career

What makes some employees more desirable than others? According to a recent study conducted by CareerBuilder, technical skills are not the only thing employers are looking for. More than 75 percent of hiring managers believe that less tangible skills are just as important as technical skills.

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San Diego Businesses Use the 7 C’s for Communication Success

You may have the best communications system for your business but you need to understand how to operate it and have a team of employees that work well for you. Ground Service Technology was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to corporations, government agencies, and individuals in fields which our staff holds a level of expertise.

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High Emotional Intelligence Can Contribute to Employee Retention in San Diego CA

Do you spend a lot of time and money investing into the future of your employees? People in your organization at management levels with high emotional intelligence have the potential to inspire employees and keep them happy in their existing jobs. According to recent study conducted by Bar-Ilan University, there is a relationship between emotional intelligence and work attitudes and behavior.

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Why Small Businesses Fail
Why Do 8 Out of 10 Businesses Fail Within the First Year and a Half?

Most small businesses, including those in San Diego, fail within the first 18 months of being open. There are various reasons why small businesses fail but the most important reasons all relate to communication. The free markets that exist between the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world encourage the growth of business.

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Increase customer satisfaction
Increase Customer Satisfaction by Keeping Your Business Connected in San Diego, California

If you have a client that uses your company and its services, one of the best investments in your business’ future is to turn your existing customers into loyal ones. There have been many studies on customer satisfaction and why certain companies are seen positively by their customers.

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Bring your Own Device
The “Bring Your Own Device” Trend & Your Workplace in San Diego, California

Both large and small businesses in San Diego are adapting to the “Bring Your Own Device” trend in the workplace. The BYOD trend is growing from just a trend to a requirement in the workplace. Stay informed about this movement in connectivity so your business can stay successful. In many cases, the advantage lies with the employee because they walk away with the benefit of working with a smartphone or tablet they are familiar with.

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Jennifer Erler, President and CEO
GST President and Founder Interviewed by San Diego Daily Transcript

"How do you create a communication and conferencing center in Hong Kong and make it seem like the participants are in the same room in the United States? What does it cost to maintain thousands of panels at a solar-energy farm? What's the best way to re-vegetate the soil for erosion control at the largest dam-raise project in the world?

These are the kinds of questions that keep teams of technicians and engineers occupied at Ground Service Technology Inc..." Read More

Solar Energy, Solar Panels
Ground Service Technology, Inc. (GST) Opens Renewables Division

Clark Thompson joins GST as President of Renewables Division

Escondido, CA, December 20, 2012: Ground Service Technology, Inc. (GST) is pleased to announce the opening of its latest division, GST Renewables. GST Renewables will provide operations and predictive maintenance for existing and new commercial and utility scale solar installations in the Southwestern U.S. "GST Renewables is the perfect marriage of GST's existing Electrical, Technology, Underground Utility, and Erosion Control Divisions" states Clark Thompson GST Renewable Division President.

Clark Thompson comes to GST Renewables with over 30 years of commercial electrical contracting experience. Clark worked at Neal Electric, Inc. for 27 years, 11 years as its President and CEO. After spending a year as Vice President of Operations for a utility scale solar developer, Clark is uniquely qualified to guide GST Renewables in providing maximum economic and environmental benefits through comprehensive maintenance of operating solar systems. Clark is a two term past President of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) San Diego chapter and named one of San Diego's top 50 influential people in 2010.

Founded in 2001, GST was established to provide efficient, expert solutions to corporations, government agencies, and individuals in fields of which our staff holds a level of expertise that is truly and uniquely unsurpassed. With uncompromised integrity and a pledge to maximize value, the GST Team strives to provide superior technology from the ground up.