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PV System Repairs / Component Replacement

Loss of revenue, contractual obligations, and performance guarantees demand immediate response to PV system failures.

All PV systems no matter how well they are built and maintained will suffer a failure at some point in their expected operating life.

GST's ability to provide Rapid Response to your PV systems site, where our experienced technicians will diagnose, repair, and bring the system back online, is the most valuable service we bring to our clients.

Count on GST when the unanticipated happens.

Independent Solar System Commissioning

A comprehensive independent commissioning service is vital to guarantee a PV system is installed to the plans and specifications. Unfortunately the installation contractor may inadvertently deviate from the design documents thus compromising optimal system operational requirements and operational longevity.

GST applies a comprehensive commissioning process. First all construction documents are thoroughly reviewed. The system is then completely inspected, including torque checks of all connections, thermal image scans, grounding testing, string level and full system performance testing.

Detailed reports of findings and recommendations are produced for all stakeholders.

GST also performs retro commissioning on operational systems which may be underperforming, being modified, or being expanded.

Thermal Imaging

There are millions of inverters, combiner boxes, and control panels in solar systems throughout the country that have faults that can't be seen by electricians. Electrical thermal imaging is the most efficient way to detect faults, hot spots and loose connections. Studies show electrical thermography inspections have a pay back to the client of 4:1.

GST utilizes the latest thermal imaging cameras and diagnostic software to identify electrical problems and correct them before they become costly faults requiring system downtime and emergency repairs.

Solar Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

Providing maximum economic and environmental benefits requires a customized predictive and preventive maintenance program crafted to meet each of GST's clients unique needs.

A custom comprehensive program of inspections and tests to identify and correct problems before they become costly emergency repairs is essential for systems with 20 year plus contractual obligations.

GST designs the unique site specific maintenance program, executes it , documents all activities, and produces reports for all stakeholders.

PV/Solar Warranty Compliance

PV equipment warrantees require scheduled equipment inspections as well scheduled component replacement to remain in effect. GST will determine the requirements to maintain any existing solar equipment warrantees, then perform and document the required inspections and component replacements at the appropriate times.

GST will assist and supply documentation for any warrantee claims to be made.

Do not let your PV equipment warrantees expire, trust GST with your Solar warrantee compliance program.

GST basic services include:

  • Inverter Maintenance
  • DAS Maintenance
  • Thermal Imaging and reporting
  • IV curve testing
  • Support structure inspection
  • Tracker maintenance
  • DC & AC Inspection
  • Signage Inspection

Additional Services offered:

  • Panel Cleaning
  • Weed abatement
  • Rodent control
  • Erosion control QSP, QSD, CPESC,CESSWI on staff
  • Warranty Compliance